Silver Level Membership

Annual Membership Cost: $1000

Discount: 12.5% on all purchases.

Annual material purchases between $8000 and $20,000

We designed the silver level membership for rehabbers/real estate investors who have made investing more than a part time business.  We also are targeting small contractors and handymen service companies that sometimes bid jobs labor and materials.  Because construction and rehabbing is what these members do for a living they need to spend as little time “shopping” as they can so they can spend more time on the job.  For this reason we have added two other benefits to the Silver Level.  First, all silver, gold and platinum members can shop the store from 6:00 am until close.  Second all silver, gold and platinum members can place orders online or by phone for pickup.  We will pick these orders within 4 working hours of them being placed and then either call, sms or email the member with confirmation they are ready to be picked up.  

We believe the volume of product purchased by a silver member is substantial and should receive a discount over a bronze members smaller purchases.  For this type of dedication to the club we offer each silver member a 12.5% discount on all items purchased in the store at all taken off the bronze prices.  A silver member who spends more than $8,000 a year will find that their membership discount pays for the membership.

As a silver member uses the club more often they can easily upgrade to a new level of service.

Note: Bronze members CANNOT place orders over the phone or using the internet for store pickup. You must be silver level or above to use these services.